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We Are Open April 12th

Yes, you heard us correctly; the Kings Arms will be re-opening it's glorious doors of entry once more this coming April 12th, though while we do our utmost to keep The Kings Arms as you know and love it, things won't entirely be back to normal yet.

For one, in line with government regulations, we can only open our roof terrace. This means that we are only operating at around a third of the pubs capacity. Due to this limited space, we have decided to run the area as a relaxed restaurant.

By this, we mean that you'll have your usual allocated time slot of two hours and forty-five minutes (and two hours on a Sunday) to eat, drink and relax the way you want to, back in a Great British pub.

As before, it's masks on, table service only, and you must stay at your table. For a full list of our rules and what we're doing to ensure your safety, you can head on over to our Covid Page to make sure you're up to date on all the rules and safety measures we have in place, so you know what to expect when you get here!

All up to date? Ready to book your table? Then head on over to our Reservations page to get yourself booked in!

See you on the roof!


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