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(Kudos if you got the obscure movie reference in the title of this post)

Hello everyone, as you may have noticed, we've had a bit of an accident recently. A car hit the pub, and as a result, we've had to undergo some major rebuilding. You may have seen the large scaffolding that's gone up around our building - it's quite a sight, isn't it?

But fear not! Despite the extensive work that's being carried out, we're still open and fully operational. We're still serving up our delicious fresh food and drinks, just as we always have. Our team is working hard to ensure that you can still enjoy all of our offerings, despite the ongoing construction.

On top of this, our roof terrace will also be opening soon, just in time for the summer months. It's the perfect spot to soak up the sun while enjoying some delicious food and drinks. So be sure to book your spot in advance - we can't wait to welcome you up there!

We know that the scaffolding may not be the most attractive thing to look at, but we want to assure you that our interior is still just as beautiful and welcoming as ever. Step inside and you'll find a warm, cosy atmosphere, with friendly staff ready to serve you.

We're also happy to report that all of our events are going ahead as planned. From our weekly pub quiz to our comedy nights and everything in between, you can still expect the same great experiences that you've come to know and love from The Kings Arms Pub.

So don't let the scaffolding put you off - come and join us for a drink, a meal, or one of our many events. We're still here and ready to welcome you with open arms, the Kings Arms!


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