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Step into a world of festive entertainment at The Kings Arms! Our events lineup promises nights filled with laughter, fun, and unforgettable memories.

Enjoy side-splitting moments at Comedy at the Kings, or test your luck and wit at our Bubbles and Bingo. For film aficionados, our Sunday Cinema Club offer a cosy retreat with handpicked holiday classics for families to enjoy. Music lovers can sway to the rhythms of live music performances, and for those with a competitive spirit, our Christmas quizzes promise both challenge and cheer.

And that's just the beginning! Dive into our events calendar to discover even more captivating experiences awaiting you this season.

Comedy at the Kings Due to overwhelming demand, we're thrilled to announce an additional "Comedy at the Kings" event this December! Mark your calendars for the 7th and 28th, featuring three hilarious stand-up comics and the fantastic Tom Toal as our host. Prepare for an evening of laughter and merriment!

Bubbles & Bingo

The much-loved "Bubbles & Bingo" event returns, hosted by the dynamic Lee Peart, who is currently warming up audiences on Big Brother & Loose Women. Join us on Thursday, the 14th of December, for an evening filled with boozy delight, quirky prizes, and roaring laughter. Mark the date for unforgettable fun!

Pub Quiz and Only Fools & Horses

Get ready for some festive trivia fun at The Kings Arms! We've lined up two Christmas-themed quizzes and a special edition dedicated to "Only Fools & Horses." Dive into an evening filled with entertaining challenges, playful games, and the enticing cash pot up for grabs. Quiz nights have never been this exciting!


Experience the vibrant pulse of London's music scene at The Kings Arms! Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we showcase some of London's finest live cover singers belting out timeless classics. Plus, our ski lodge comes alive with DJs setting the rhythm every Friday and Saturday night. And for those seeking unique musical encounters, don't miss out on special performances by The Two Bows and the enchanting harmonies of The Taylor Made Choir. Let the melodies guide your evenings with us!

At The Kings Arms, we're more than just a pub; we're a hub of vibrant events and unforgettable memories. From side-splitting comedy nights and brain-teasing quizzes to the melodious allure of live music, there's something for everyone. Dive into festive cinema nights, partake in boozy bingo fun, or sway to the beats of London's best live cover singers. And with special performances sprinkled throughout, your moments with us are bound to be unique. As the year winds down, let's raise a toast to laughter, camaraderie, and the joyous events that make The Kings Arms an unparalleled destination. Cheers to shared moments and festive celebrations!


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